5 Indispensable wrists for Women!

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Most women spend so much time preening up their “looks”, that they don’t stop to admire their hands. The hands are stillophy for most of us, but our hands need their own special protectors! Just like our feet, our hands should enjoy premium care for they have all the functions of our nervous system.

Especially, if you are a Professional!

The beholder sees the hands in such close proximity to the eye that they are seen as an essential part of the body! You need both highlighters and darker shades for a neat and professional look! But, one thing is for sure! You don’t want to have a weird pair of hands! So, grab a brush and some materials:

First, you have to make sure your skin is clean. Wash your hands with soap perfectly. Most of us use our hands to wash dishes nurtured hands, but not to harm our skin. Not to mention, washing dishes using our hands can be hazardous because soap can cause your skin more harm than good. The best way is to use a scrub to wash your skin. It will help a lot to make your skin glow. You can use either of these options: a facial scrub, a body scrub or a barbie scrub. Then, moisturize your skin. No matter which one you choose, use a body lotion or a night cream.


This is a must have for those with impurities. The purpose of Concealer is to hide all those impurities and dark circles. However, you should choose a Concealer that is either a yellow tone or the yellow undertones of your skin. Because your skin might have this problem, you can use a Concealer that has a green tone to counteract the yellow. If you have the green skin, you can choose a yellow concealer. Remember that most concealers have a green tint to them. This can be very easily seen when under the bright sun.


Always apply a good quality Lipstick that will be long lasting. As the name suggests, this is what your lips are going to be highly devoted to. There are several lipsticks available in the market, but you should be very careful when choosing one. As most of them have a strong scent, you may feel naked especially if you are at work. If you really want to enjoy nude look, you should avoid using a very strong scent one. Because you don’t want to feel naked, you should always ensure that your Lipstick doesn’t have a shimmer on it. Something that will attract more attention is the shimmer on your Lipstick.

Makeup, Fragrance and Sensories

When you are at work, you shouldn’t just be concentrating on your work. You should have time to also make sure that you eat a balanced diet, and you give yourself the best sensories so that you will be healthy and you will have a good work life. You shouldn’t just limit yourself to work. You should also feel it to have some time to relax and to eat properly.

Use different occasion to apply yourParfumas a while during the day, in the evening and at the end of the day. They can even be used before and after a performance or a important meeting you must attend.

Use Parfumas on your bed time as well as in your dressing room. To make it efficient, you can use a clean towel and just leave it on your dressing room until you finish up. You will feel relaxed and fresh.

You can even share your Parfum with your friends and family members. spice up their days with a different scent and enjoy the fruity and floral smell of it. grapefruit, peyru and frangipiw are some of the common Parfum themes.

It is really worth spending some time on finding the right Parfum for you because it will make a great addition to your personality and will surely add more confidence to you. Remember that it is not always what you are fond of but it is mostly what you are not.

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