How to Increase Natural Collagen

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How to Increase Natural Collagen

Collagen plays a vital role in our skin health. This is a natural protein produced by the body. Collagen bound with elastin forms collagen bundles in our body and gives firmness and strength to our skin. These collagen bundles are the ones responsible for keeping our skin young and firm.

As we age, our body produces less and less amount of collagen. In fact, before we reach the age of 45, our body has lost 1/3 of its collagen content. This happens because our collagen bundles deplete and become less active.

However, now there are products such as creams and lotions that contain collagen substances. Obviously, these products are not effective. Because collagen is a complex protein, it cannot be assimilated into the body through topical application.

Another question that is commonly asked nowadays is how to increase natural collagen in the body. This is the reason why skin care products are becoming popular to provide solutions to this question.

The most appropriate way is to develop natural collagen sources in the body. These natural collagen sources can be gathered from natural ingredients such as Cynergy TK, avocado oil and active Manuka honey.

Cynergy TK is an ingredient that is obtained from the wool of sheep specially raised in New Zealand. It is rich in functional keratin, which is the structural protein that is found in our skin.

Cynergy TK is responsible for stimulating the production of natural collagen in the body. For instance, it increases the levels of collagen. It gives the skin elasticity and helps to replace the dead skin cells with new ones. As a result, your skin becomes younger and healthier.

Avocado oil is also known as a collagen emollient. It contains Vitamins A, D and E, which are natural antioxidants. In addition, it promotes the production of collagen.

active Manuka honey is a special type of honey that is capable of promoting the healing of skin diseases as well Contains antioxidants that are more powerful than others at fighting free radicals

So, how to increase natural collagen in the body? The only effective way is to replenish collagen bundles from your body. One way to do that is to use the collagen foods raw.

Eat foods such as green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. Food items such as tuna, egg white, apricot and brown rice are also rich in collagen.

These collagen foods raw have high contents of copper andSerenium. Copper is responsible for producing collagen and the other trace minerals.

Also, the Enhancing Skin Collagen Plus stick contains copper peptides. It is one of the most effective collagen boosters. It also contains ingredients that are powerful antioxidants. One of these is the Nano Lipobelle CoenzymeQ10.

It is an antioxidant that both protects the skin and supplements collagen production. It is a much safer preservative than the parabens that are used in many skincare products. It eliminates the free radicals that are harmful to the skin.

These natural collagen foods also include almonds, cane sugar, peaches, mushrooms and whole grains. Take reasonable amounts of these foods every day. This will ensure that your skin, especially around your face and neck, will remain firm, bright and creamy.

Adequate amounts of water are also necessary to keep skin hydrated. Take as much as you can to ensure that all your loose skin will beRestored. While collagen is an important skin protein, it is only effective when these skin foods are taken.

Pension skin foods that contain Aloe vera, gingko biloba, distant mustard, sweet clover, sea buckthorn and turmeric are also effective. They can help to stimulate the skin to assume a better attitude. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines will begin to diminish and you willwho become beautiful again.

After all, feeding the skin with collagen is not enough to retain the wonderful skin you had before. Your lifestyle, your diet, the skincare products you use and your how you protect your skin must be in synergy.

This means that all the steps that you take to ensure that your skin stays young and healthy must be part of a synergy. Collagen is only effective when the other ingredients are effective as well.

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