Skin Care For Pregnant Women

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Skin Care For Pregnant Women

When a woman becomes pregnant for the first time, she has to deal with stretch marks, an increase in the calorie intake and overall body development; additionally, the skin undergoes a lot of changes to accommodate the increased weight. Nonetheless, there are certain things that a woman can do in order to prevent stretch marks and other skin problems such as Melasma, uneven pigmentation and acne breakouts.

One of the most important things to be aware of is the exact amount of weight gain that the pregnant woman has. The nutritionist will be able to let you know and help you accordingly. What’s more, the pregnancy fluids intake must be monitored to avoid it becoming unsafe.

Drink plenty of water; at least 8 glasses of water daily. This will flush out toxins and other unwanted substances in the body, thereby helping the skin remain in good condition and radiant. This is not only for the skin, but also for the sake of the mother.

What Else can a pregnant woman do? Besides drinking lots of water, the mother must take care of her bodyfat percentage. Obviously, being pregnant means extra weight. So, it is important to watch what items she is consuming that may have a tendency to predispose to stretch marks. The same applied to Vitamin A.

Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and soy to help in the growth of the baby. If necessary, take a multivitamin every day to maximize the intake of nutrients. This is incomplete nutrition; yet, it is incredibly important for a woman to maintain a healthy and flawless skin, especially during pregnancy.

What about my bad bodyfat percentage? Use a Healthy Weight Loss Treatment to lose those extra pounds! Though pregnancy does not exactly mean a weight loss experience for the entire body, the fetus is the primary caretaken involving the skin. The skin is not just fat as it is seen during the pregnancy!

Hints To Having Healthy Skin During Pregnancy

Even though the above gimmicks are useful, there are also Hints to having a healthy skin care during pregnancy. These include:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. When you are going out during the day, wear a hat or any other clothing to protect your skin.
  • Drink large quantities of water, up to one litre daily.
  • Have lots of vitamins. Some vitamins are especially essential to the mother, such as Vitamin C, which is present in the mother’s blood stream and is responsible for the mother’s eyes and hair.
  • Do not scrub your skin. When you scrub your skin, you are by removing the entire surface layer of the skin. Thus, the nutrients and vitamins can not be absorbed properly.
  • Avoid the consumption of caffeine, as it is a stimulant that can lead to the mother’s skin becoming more sensitive.

However, pregnant women are advised to avoid consuming too many cosmetics. These could upset the stomach and cause skin irritation. Additionally, it is also not recommended for pregnant women to use products that are difficult to eradicate from the skin, such as lotions and creams, as these could affect the fetus.

What to use while pregnant?

Pregnancy skin care products include the use of moisturizers, toners, mild cleansers, and simple exfoliating products. Generally, skin care products for pregnant women are mild and delicate, as they are especially soft and gentle. However, there are a few things that you should watch out for while using skin care products.

Skin care products that contain an alcohol base are quite harmful for the pregnant woman’s skin. However, they may harm the mother’s skin if she is not careful to do spot testing before using these products, as they generallyixture substances with the unborn child’s skin, which could damage both.

Finally, before you use any skin care creams, you should consult your doctor or a dermatologist for more information on pregnancy skin care products and their concentrations, if any, as well as product recommendations that will be suitable for your pregnancy.

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