What You Should Know About Oil Free Moisturizers

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Have you tried oil free moisturizers and still feel like you’ve had a let down? It can be extremely difficult to find a natural moisturizer that is truly effective in providing long term benefits for your skin. Most products contain a range of chemical additives that offer no real benefit.

There are moisturizers that contain mineral oil, various types of alcohol, parabens and other chemicals that are designed to cause damage and irritation. Even some of the additives contain petroleum based compounds which are not adapted to our skin.

These man-made compounds can clog pores, encouraging a variety of skin disorders. The prolonged use of products containing these chemical components can eventually lead to severely damaged skin. If your present regimen is working, theCover Girl in you will agree that your skin is looking the best right now.

You are probably wondering why your skin is not looking so great right now. The truth is you’ve probably been treating it wrong.

It turns out that your dry skin is a reflection of your unhealthy eating habits. Diet-related skin deterioration is as simple as that. An unhealthy diet lacking in nutrients supports the loss of moisture in the skin.

Unfortunately, there is no solution on the market for naturally treating dry skin. Ingredients such as jojoba, sesame, vitamin B5, olive oil and shea butter are best for treating dry skin.

You may be frustrated with the ineffectiveness of drugstore products, but don’t give up. There are products containing the correct ingredients listed below that will help return the moisture to your skin.

Dry Skin Ingredients:

Jojoba is a natural moisturizer for dry skin. It reduces skin itchiness and inflammation.

Vitamin B5, olive oil and shea butter will help fix the skin. They will moisturize and protect the skin.

Exfoliators should be found at a health food store that is specifically designed for the treatment and prevention of dry skin. Dry skin is more susceptible to injury because of the lack of lubrication and the need to keep one’s weight lower.

Other helpful ingredients are included in these products like grape seed, olive and tea oil. Vitamin B5 helps repair damaged skin tissue and improves circulation.

What to Avoid in Your Moisturizer:

Mineral oil is in just about every moisturizer on the market, particularly those marketed to those with oily skin. Mineral oil tends to clog pores, which leads to acne breakouts.

Avoid a product that contains paraffin wax, which is a petroleum derivative used to make a variety of different products including thereams and lotions listed above.

What to Look for in Moisturizer:

Natural oils like macadamia, olive and grape seed are great for your skin. You can X out of the moisturizers on the market today, and if you search a little harder you can find a really good product that contains several natural oils.

One of the naturalorial treatments for dry skin is aloe vera. When included in a moisturizer, aloe vera extracts and properties can help fight damage and restore skin’s flexibility.

Cold Cream:

Some of us have suffered the effects of cold weather and the dry winter air. If you need a gentle, non-greasy cream that works for you, go for something made with olive oil rather than mineral oil. In some cases, resorting to a cold cream may also save your skin from the drying effects of the cold weather.

While olive oil may not be a good moisturizer itself, the right olive oil-based cold creams can be very effective moisturizers for your skin.

Vitamin E as well as cocoa butter are excellent to use on your skin, even in the winter. These natural substances are great for protecting your skin and helping it to retain the moisture it needs.

When it comes to dry skin, stay away from anything containing alcohol. Since these alcohols can dry out the skin, you don’t need to use moisturizers with alcohol in them. If you do, though, make sure the alcohol is natural and not a synthetic substitute for it.

Follow these tips and you’ll have softer, smoother and younger looking skin throughout the winter.

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